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----- Frederick Buechner

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Spring Line???

Several people have asked me about my Spring Line of knit accessories.  I have to admit, it's very hard for me to think about Spring when the ground is covered in snow and ice and the temperature is 5 degrees!  How can I think about what I might want to wear to accessorize my tank top and shorts when right now I'm huddled in my sweaters, scarves, cowl and gloves?  But I'm learning that this is the way of fashion.  I have to be a whole season ahead of the game.  So now I'm stressed out because I realize that instead, I'm a whole season BEHIND the game!

So, I'm putting away my heave wool yarn, and pulling out the lightweight cottons, linens and silks.  I'm going to just cast some on my needles and see what comes of it.  I will let you see my progress as soon as I've made3 some. :)

In the mean time - THINK SPRING!

My mom and dad in Florida - I love this pic!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

One of my favorite shops -- Poison Garden

The Promotional Frenzy team is up and running on Etsy.  We are a fabulous group of Etsy sellers that strives to promote each other's shops in many different ways.  The team is growing and truly one of the most generous and selfless groups of sellers I have met.  Find them here on Etsy: 

Poison Garden is a shop that I love!  Not only because they are just up the road from me here in Central Indiana, but because they are a beautiful and very unique shop.

Let me show you some of my favorites ---

How sexy is this?!

Perfect for Valentine's Day

Key to my Heart

Simply Romantic
 Everything in Poison Garden's shop is feminine and romantic.  Perfect for the Victorian but edgy, hopeless romantic!

Another thing I love about their shop is the absolutely stunning photography they have achieved.  Their products are shown to their maximum potential.

Find Poison Garden at http://www.poisongarden.etsy.com/.