Purpose is the place where your deep passion meets the world's needs.

----- Frederick Buechner

Monday, December 13, 2010


I'm looking out the window at the crisp, white snow that has fallen.  It is still clean and unblemished.  Truly a beautiful sight.  My boys are out of school due to the weather, and are as happy as can be.  My desire is to send them off to watch tv or play video games - anything to keep them out of my hair so that I can be productive.  But then I think, "How many more of these will I really have?"  Children grow so fast and in the blink of an eye a whole stage of their life is gone.  I don't want to miss these great moments and memories.

I am declaring today Christmas cookie baking day!  Let's make a mess in the kitchen.  Let's eat more dough than we cook.  Let's laugh and be silly and have fun, while we make treats for us and others to enjoy.

I've wasted many moments that could have been spent creating memories for my boys.  I'm not going to miss this one!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Tis the Season

It appears that the holiday season is in full swing!!  So it's time to start getting those gifts checked off your list. 

Here is a great place to get that shopping off to a great start.  Some fabulous Etsy shops, all dedicated to helping each other out.

Go ahead, take a look.  You know you want to. 

Strawberry Wine 'N Chocolate BNR Round 2 (22 Sales; 3 bought out; 4 sales today)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Life With Purpose

I attended a book study this morning and we talked about living our lives with intentionality.  The importance of kindness.  Why we grow when we step outside of our comfort zones.  The great discussion got me thinking about how my life has changed since I opened my Bags of Blessing company and began seeing myself as an artist.

The answer is I've changed a whole lot!  I have met and become friends with a fabulous group of people whom I never would have known if I had stayed in my little SAHM world.

 Many of those people are also great artists on Etsy.  There is one particular group called the Promotional Frenzy that is especially great.  The whole goal of this group is to promote OTHER people's works.  How crazy is that?  Spend all that time trying to help someone else get sales when your own shop is struggling?  But that is exactly what this group does.  And it works.  Kindness begets kindness.  Everything that goes around, comes around.  And all those other cliches.  They are really present in this group.   You can see what I'm talking about by visiting the thread tonight at 9pm EST for a 30 minute promotional frenzy.  http://www.etsy.com/forums_thread.php?thread_id=6656811&page=58

Many of the people I have met are right here in Indianapolis.  They are in the fashion and design world locally and they have all given me encouragement when I needed it most.  I am constantly amazed at the kindness of others.  I have found myself at places where no one could have convinced me that I belong.  But there I was, and people were appreciating my work!  I have items for sale in local boutiques.  I have had other designers call me with custom orders.  All this, and many days I still don't have the confidence in my work that other people do.

As the holidays grow closer, my business picks up.  My ego gets a boost, and I am working like crazy.  This is fabulous.  This is my life now.  I live it intentionally, and I try to practice kindness.   I am an artist and I will be the best artist that I can be.

Friday, October 15, 2010

1st Blog Post Ever!!

This is my first attempt at a blog post.  I was encouraged to start one when I joined a great Etsy thread called Promotional Frenzies.  It is a great spot where Etsians are encouraged to help promote other Etsians.  I like it in a "Pay it Forward" kind of way.  You know.  What goes around comes around.

One of my personal shop goals this holiday season is to spend more time networking and promoting my Etsy shop to see if it really leads to more sales.

Here's the link to the thread.  Check it out.  Everyone seems so nice.